A Modern .NET + JS App with JS modules, Vue.js, htmx & Markdown

Getting Started

Found out how to use these template features

Gayle Smith

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Simple, Modern JavaScript

Learn about JS Modules, Vue 3 and available rich UI Components

Brandon Foley
Brandon Foley

Prerendering Razor Pages

Improving Blog Performance with Prerendering

Lucy Bates
Lucy Bates

Getting Started

Simple, Modern JavaScript Development

Leverage Modern Browser features for Simple, Fast App development

  • Simple

    No node_modules, no build tools, no client side routing, no heavy client state

  • Fast

    Initial SSR HTML & JSON for fast FCP, avoid full page reloads with htmx boost

  • Lightweight

    Only load JS each page needs, built-in optimizer for optimal dev & prod bundles

  • Modern

    Use latest Vue3, htmx or any preferred 3rd Party libraries

  • Rapid Development

    View code & style changes instantly on Save with dotnet watch

  • Maintainable

    Logically structure & encapsulate components using native JavaScript Modules

  • Type Safety

    Use JSDoc and Library TypeScript definitions for IDE static analysis

  • SEO Friendly

    Use Server Side Rendering for SEO-friendly Markdown and HTML content

  • Tailwind

    Productive, maintainable, responsive-first styling

  • Prerendering

    Blog can be prerendered on deployment with $ npm run prerender