A Modern .NET + JS App with JS modules, Vue.js & Markdown

Getting Started

Simple, Modern JavaScript Development

Leverage Modern Browser features for Simple, Fast App development

  • Simple

    No node_modules, no build tools, no client side routing, no heavy client state

  • Fast

    Initial SSR HTML & JSON for fast First Contentful Paint (FCP)

  • Lightweight

    Only load JS each page needs, built-in optimizer for optimal dev & prod bundles

  • Modern

    Use latest Vue3, htmx or any preferred 3rd Party libraries

  • Rapid Development

    View code & style changes instantly on Save with dotnet watch

  • Maintainable

    Logically structure & encapsulate components using native JavaScript Modules

  • Type Safety

    Use JSDoc and Library TypeScript definitions for IDE static analysis

  • SEO Friendly

    Use Server Side Rendering for SEO-friendly Markdown and HTML content

  • Tailwind

    Productive, maintainable, responsive-first styling